By Malinda Allison

Once again, on July 26 and 27, the Quilt Hop is coming to the lovely historic St. Marks Church in Honey Grove.  The photo below shows the event in 2018.  St. Marks in Honey Grove, at 8th and East Market, is one of the Quilt Hop locations  The other locations are in Bonham.

Bonham Quilt Hop quilts on display at St. Marks church in Honey Grove, Texas
St. Marks Church in Honey Grove

This year we are delighted to be showing quilts from the collection of Claudia Picard, who has been collecting quilts almost her entire life.  She vividly remembers her grandmother’s home where her grandmother and friends were quilting in an upstairs room once a week.  She has collected old quilts and new quilts and has made quilts herself.  She has graciously agreed to let us display many of her quilts at St. Marks.

Quilts collection of Claudia Picard

Claudia has many red and white quilts.

Janet Kilgore, who is organizing the event in Honey Grove this year, says:  “The colors and designs of these quilts are wonderful.  St. Marks will be ablaze in color.  We can’t wait to show off the historic church and these beautiful quilts to Quilt Hop visitors.”

The Friends of the Honey Grove Library sponsors the Quilt Hop stop at St. Marks each year.  The Friends manage the church, which is used for various community functions during the year and is available to rent for weddings.

Exterior of Saint Marks Church, Honey Grove, Texas

Honey Grove also has many painted quilt squares within the City that will be enjoyed by Quilt Hop visitors.

Painted barn quilt square within the City of Honey Grove, Texas

For more information on the Quilt Hop and its various locations, see

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