Saturday, August 29 the Trek will arrive in Bonham at about 10:00 am and leave us for the drive to Bug Tussle at about 11:15.  This year they will be parking on the parking lot next to the Panther Row Eatery.  Their arrival is even more exciting this year as we have had to cancel so many events this year due to the COVID 19 PANDEMIC.

The Bug Tussle Trek has been making this trip for 51 years.  Nicole Waggoner, the organizer of the group says: “It has been continuous for all those years and has always followed about the same route.” She states: “The biggest difference is that they now have less Model T’s and more 1950’s and 60’s cars.”

According to several AACA Texas Region members the Trek started after a conversation among members about one last car tour for the summer.  They opened a copy of the Farmer’s Almanac and picked the hottest day of the year which happened to be the last Saturday of August that year.  They really did stop in Bug Tussle where a once thriving general store was the only place they could find to get something cold to drink.  Ever since, the Trek has been on the last Saturday of August.  And of course, they always go to the Bug Tussle store. 

The Trek starts in Farmersville.  All the cars line up by age.  The vehicles travel about 30-40 mph toward their stops.  Upon leaving Bonham, they will travel to Bug Tussle where tradition has it that cheerleaders lead the group in the Bug Tussle cheer. 

The City of Bonham Tourism Committee invites you to come to the BEDCO parking lot about 10:00 a.m. Saturday, August 29 to see the cars and visit with the Trekkers.  Join us in wishing them Happy Trekking.

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