Visit Bonham!
Bonham (in fact all of Fannin County) is a great place to visit. There are always interesting things
going on. Take a look at this video on You Tube.  You're sure to enjoy it.
You Tube Video About Bonham
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Stroll n Roll
September 13th
From 10:00 am to 5:00 pm is the time for Stroll 'n Roll. What
does Stroll 'n Roll mean? It is a free museum day during which
you can walk (Stroll) or drive you car (Roll) to visit local
museums. Each of Bonham's museums will have special
exhibits for you to visit that day. For a list of all cities
participating visit the
Red River Valley Tourism web site.

The Fannin County Museum of History, at the west end of the
railroad station, is presenting an exhibit on the History of Public
Services: Telephone, Water, Fire and Police. In addition they
will also feature Fannin County Sport Stars.

Fannin County Historical Commission, located at the east
end of the railroad station, will have a pictorial exhibit of the
History of Lake Fannin from the land grant to Dr. Daniel Rowlett
in 1836 to the construction by the Rural Resettlement
Administration in the 1930’s . This is an exhibit you and your
children will not want to miss.

Sam Rayburn Library will feature new interactive displays.
Flat screens showing scenes from Mr. Rayburn’s life as
Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives bring him to life.
Not to be missed is the touch screen display with Mr. Rayburn’s
voice speaking about how he acquired many of the pieces that
are in the Speaker's office.

Fort Inglish will be open to show you and the children how life
was very different from 1830 to 1900. You can wash clothes
with lye soap, see how brooms were made and visit a rural
school and prairie cabin.

Sam Rayburn House Museum will welcome you as you visit
the home of the man who was Speaker of the United States
House of Representatives longer than any other man (over 17
years). Don't miss the sleeping porch (no air conditioning back
then), the saddle in Mr. Sam’s bedroom, and the elegance of
the dining room. Check out the telephone numbers by the phone
in the downstairs hall.

Gather the family and spend the day driving (Rolling) to visit the
museums of Bonham. Come Stroll 'n Roll with us on Saturday
September 13th.