Visit Bonham!
Bonham (in fact all of Fannin County) is a great place to visit. There are always interesting things
going on. Take a look at this video on You Tube.  You're sure to enjoy it.
You Tube Video About Bonham
Remember to
It's time to see those beautiful metal birds take to
the air. There will be plenty of thrills for all ages.
Jones Field (just north of Bonham on Hwy 78) will
be open to all from 10 to 4
. Bring a chair, your
binoculars and definitely your camera to make
sure you can see and capture the action. You'll be
able to see the planes up close and watch them
as they perform overhead. There will be
aerobatics, formations and thrilling maneuvers.
Bonham Festival of Flight
October 25th
For those future pilots and daredevils in the family the Young
Eagles will provide free rides for children 8 to 17. Of course
the Christmas list ma
y be updated to include flying lessons
after they experience this thrill first hand!

While you're at Jones Field be sure to explore the open
hangers to see vehicles, displays and ordinance. Photo
opportunities abound.

Food vendors are available if you need a snack and best of all
the show and parking are both free.

For more pictures and information visit the Bonham Chamber
of Commerce on Facebook. Just click the link below:

Festival of Flight