Quilts stored at the Fannin County Museum of History

Quilt Hop is Scheduled

July is Quilt Hop Time and the City of Bonham is planning to hold this event Friday, July 30, and Saturday, July 31.  If you are a quilter, vendor, or if you just love quilts these are the dates to remember.  

We will be monitoring the Covid situation and some changes may have to be made in the sites, but we are planning on having the event July 30-31 from 9 am to 4 pm.

If you have quilts that you would like to display we would love to have them. The forms to be a vendor or to display a quilt will be available on the website, www.visitbonham.com.  If you have questions please call 903-583-9830.  If you are in Bonham and have questions come by the Visitor Center at 327 N. Main Street and we will be happy to answer them. 

By Emily Porter

Quilts are going up all over.

Bonham Quilt Hop quilt hangings have begun all over Bonham. The Bonham Visitor Center is overflowing with color and textures of all kinds. Many local and Grayson County residents have offered quilts to be displayed at the Bonham Visitor Center this year. Twenty-seven quilts were hung for display there yesterday.  The quilt entries have grown over the years and it should be easy for anyone to find a favorite.

IMG_3117 IMG_3123

For your viewing will be T-shirt quilts and “quilts made by men for men” as well as “Art in a different way” quilts. The colors are different because they are for men or of memories of a college or of high school activities.

IMG_3120  IMG_3121

The main purpose of this display is to show all visitors that quilts of today are not the quilts of your grandmother. They can be about a hobby or about any subject that you are passionate about. You will see different techniques used as well as different materials in construction. The purpose of the Bonham Visitor Center exhibit is to show that quilting can be fun for anyone and to inspire and encourage young people into the art of quilting. Quilting could become a dying art and we would like to show the visitors to this exhibit that whatever your interest, it is possible to share it with someone else in a very useful as well as artistic way.

Please use the hashtag #BonhamQuiltHop when posting photos or blogging about our Quilt Hop, that way everyone can enjoy them also!